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Welcome to Phoenix connections. Phoenix connections is the premiere directory for business to business information in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Arizona is rapidly expanding as businesses move their headquarters to the Maricopa County area. Cheap real estate and affordable taxes attract businesses from the San Francisco/Los Angeles area. Businesses like Uber, Lyft, and Google’s Waymo are finding the Phoenix area to be the perfect place to test self-driving technology. The state government is successfully getting many tech and manufacturing businesses to open up in the area.

But what’s not to like? Consistently mild temperatures and low amounts of rain year round really make it an excellent place to live. Ever wanted to golf in mid January in shorts? Then Phoenix is the city for you. Arizona homes are open to the outdoors. With many large patios and outdoor pools in almost every backyard, your children are more than likely to have fun with the weather.

Residents from Southern California looking for a city with less traffic may want to consider moving to Phoenix. Master-planned neighborhoods and expanding highways make Phoenix the perfect city to drive in.

Suburbs of Phoenix include: Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Peoria. Private neighborhoods are popular in these cities.